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1939 Stinson Restoration

Here are some pictures of the Bellingham Cadets helping restore an old Stinson (1939) used by the Civil Air Patrol during WWII as a submarine spotter.   The Cadets learned aircraft parts, saw first hand how the older airplanes were put together, and got a dose of community service.  This was at a museum at the Concrete WA airport, and is probably a 5+ year project.  Hands-on wrenching is an excellent way to learn about the inner guts of airplanes.   (The "making sausage" analogy comes to mind).   We also broke out the Frisbee for a game of Ultimate Frisbee with the cadets. 

As payback we received a personalized tour of 3 hangers packed with fully-restored antique aircraft and cars, got to sit in the cockpits and handle the controls, etc.   We also have a commitment from the museum to fly contributing cadets in the other restored aircraft later this summer (Note:  a non-CAP activity).  This connection with the museum staff was made during one of our O flights last month, when we landed in Concrete for a change of front-seat cadet.